Monitor For Eyes In India – Best 5 Pick, Brand Models And Specs

You may have experienced eye strain if you’re one of the millions of people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer. When you stare at digital devices for an extended period of time, it can cause digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome. Have you ever wondered how frequent and prolonged computer use can affect your eyes? If so, you’re probably already wondering about the best Safest Monitor for Eyes, but if not, we have some information for you!

Top 5 Best Monitor For Your Eyes In 2023

More than 59% of Americans who own digital devices have, according to the Vision Research Council, complained of digital eye strain. The American Optometric Association defines digital eye strain as various symptoms. In addition to visual fatigue, symptoms of digital eye strain include:

  • Blurred Vision and Headaches
  • Dry eyes, neck and shoulder discomfort

While these symptoms are usually transient, if left untreated, they may worsen over time.

Every year, digital eye strain costs businesses thousands of dollars in lost productivity. This article will tell you the best monitor for preventing eye strain, and our top 5 Safest Monitor for Eyes in India.


#1 SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series 32-Inch WQHD

32 inch Gaming Monitor with 240Hz Refresh Rate | Samsung India

The Samsung Odyssey G7 Series 32-inch WQHD monitor’s size extends to almost everything in this monitor. The extensive curve on it gives the impression that you’re surrounded by whatever content is on screen. While the G7 lacks dedicated eye strain features, having a large and curved monitor like this is a significant upgrade over any other type of monitor you may have. The curve of the G7 is 1000R, which actively matches the curvature of the human eye, not only drawing you deeper into the screen but also ensuring minimal eye strain along the way. Samsung was a pioneer in the development of screens with this much curvature.

With G-Sync and Free Sync, the image from your graphics card will match your monitor perfectly, ensuring perfect blending between frames. Samsung’s WQHD resolution-supported 32-inch display brings it all together in one beautiful package. You might miss out on eye strain-specific features like anti-flicker and blue light reduction, but the 32-inch WQHD Samsung Odyssey G7 series has it all in a stunning out-of-this-world package and off-the-shelf monitor. is packed. in the future.


  • IPS panel type
  • 25601440 Aspect Ratio
  • Curved Panel Style
  • 120 hertz is the refresh rate.
  • 2 DisplayPort 1.4 ports; 1 HDMI 2.0 port
  • Swivel, tilt, and height adjustment
  • Curved frame
  • 1 millisecond response time
  • Curved design for eye care

The price of this monitor is available for Rs. 45999/ exclusively on Flipkart. 

#2 ASUS Designo 27″ MZ27AQL

Designo MZ27AQL|Monitors|ASUS Global

The ASUS Designo easily takes the top spot as our best overall monitor for eye strain, thanks to its 1080p output, compelling overall image quality, wide viewing angles, and strong eye strain features. The Designo really shines when it comes to anti-eye strain features; the completely flicker-free backlight and blue light filter are two critical features that will reduce the amount of strain on your eyes. The wide viewing angle and output that has been increased to at least 1440p make it ideal for watching widescreen streaming content. Should you find the need to move it around a room, the frameless, ultra-slim design makes it simple to pick up and do so.


  • Two HDMI 1.4 ports and one DisplayPort 1.2 port.
  • Swivel, tilt, and height adjustment
  • Ultra-Slim frame
  • Eye protection: blue light filter and TUV Rheinland-certified flicker-free
  • IPS panel type
  • Dimensions: 2560 by 1440
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • 178° viewing angle

This monitor is available for Rs.63200 approximately on online store. The price is reasonable for such a value-packed option. When you combine all of these features, you get a monitor that is easily at the top of its class.

#3 View Sonic VX2457-MHD 24 Inch Eye Care:

ViewSonic VX2457-mhd (24 Inch) Full HD LED 1080p, 1ms Gaming Monitor, HDMI  & VGA, Refresh Rate 75 Hz, Eye Care Technology, Flicker-Free and Blue Light  Filter : Electronics

Designed for gaming and entertainment, the View Sonic VX2457-mhd is a 24-inch (23.6-inch viewable) Ful, Full HD monitor,h a good price-performance ratio. This monitor’s variable refresh rate capabilities, enabled by VESA Adaptive-Sync Technology, virtually eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for smooth gameplay during frantic action scenes. Additionally, a low input lag mode and ultra-fast 2ms response time offer a blur- and ghost-free screen experience. A Game Mode hot key optimizes FPS, RTS, and MOBA gameplay for a competitive edge in games.

Additionally, a black stabilization feature makes it easier for you to target enemies that are hiding in the shadows while still preserving the monitor’s brilliantly rich colors and contrast for complete immersion. You can connect your dedicated graphics card and gaming console using flexible connectivity options like DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA. All the features you’ll need to succeed in your gaming and entertainment endeavors are included in the VX2457-MHD.


  • Reduces Eye Strain;
  • Flicker-Free; 
  • Blue Light Filter; 
  • To Watch For Long Periods Without Eye Strain; 
  • Free Sync – Dramatically Increases Refresh Rate

For the best deal check on amazon, it is available for Rs. 19999/-

#4 LG 29WN600-W 29″


LG 29WN600-W 29 inch 21:9 UltraWide WFHD IPS HDR10 Monitor with FreeSync ( 29WN600-W) | LG USA

Strong eye-strain-reduction features are built into the LG 29WNG600-W’s ultra-wide display, including a reader mode that will be useful for those who work desk jobs. The LG 29WN600-W 29-inch ultrawide monitor also has a dedicated reader mode that we like. This mode creates “optimal conditions” for reading by lowering blue light and incorporating flicker-free technology. You can easily switch to reader mode whenever you’re settling in for a long day of work, even though the flicker-free isn’t as strong as it is on other models. The LG 29WN600-W 29-inch ultrawide monitor, which has easily earned a spot on this list as the best ultrawide monitor, certainly lives up to its name.

With a screen size of 29 inches, you have plenty of room to watch your preferred television program, work on a variety of different documents, participate in an online zoom meeting with all of your coworkers, and more. For such an option with so much value, the price is reasonable. When all of these features are combined, the result is a monitor that is unquestionably the best in its class.


  • 178° viewing angle
  • Two HDMI 1.4 ports and one DisplayPort 1.2 port.
  • Ergonomics: Slim Tilt Frame
  • IPS panel type
  • Dimensions: 2560 x 1080
  • Panel Design: Wide
  • 75 Hz refresh rate
  • Time to respond: 5 ms
  • Reduced blue light and no flickering for eye care

#5 ASUS ROG Strix 27 Inch

5 Safest Monitor for Eyes in India

The Rog Strix has flicker-free technology and a wide viewing angle to better translate the full image, but it lacks any kind of blue light filter (a filter would reduce the overall image color). Additionally, HDR can lessen the overall brightness required for the monitor to produce a punchy image. This is a monitor fit for your beefy gaming tower—and one that’s ready to make Daft Punk proud—with plenty of ports, an eye strain feature that won’t change your display, and plenty of other features to ensure you don’t miss a second of your favorite game.

Every single one of those criteria is met by the ASUS Rog Strix XG27AQ 27-inch monitor, making it a fantastic value for gamers who may also use it for professional purposes. When you look at the gaming-specific specifications, you’ll see that this device pretty much has everything a gamer could ask for. The 27 Inch monitor size is only marginally larger than the monitor used by professional gamers, and the 1ms response rate produces crisp images at extremely high frame rates.


  • IPS panel type
  • Dimensions: 2560 by 1440
  • Wide panel style
  • Update frequency: 170 hertz
  • 178° viewing angle
  • There are four ports: two HDMI 2.0, one DisplayPort 1.2, one USB 3.0 upstream, and two USB 3.0 downstream.
  • Swivel, tilt, adjust height; pivot; ergonomics
  • Body: Slim
  • Response time: 1 ms
  • Flicker-free eye care

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