Top 5 Best Gaming Monitor In India – (Tried & Tested 25 Monitors)

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#1 Acer 27 Inch #2 Asus 27 Inch #3 LG 27 Inch
Acer Nitro VG271U 27 inch (68.58 cm) IPS WQHD (2560x1440) Pixels Gaming LCD Monitor asus tuff gaming monitor LG Ultragear 27 Gaming Monitor
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People buy high-end gaming computers and laptops with bleeding-edge graphics cards, the latest flagship CPUs and other peripheral devices, but do not get the true experience they are looking for. Why? And how is that possible? Well, the answer is a simple, poor gaming monitor. Even though you spend hours choosing the right specs for your PC, the issue of selecting a non-compatible gaming monitor is quite common. Choosing a good quality gaming monitor requires a lot more than choosing just a 4K monitorNo doubt that the best gaming monitor under 10000 also offers an excellent sample rate, top-tier refresh rate, below 3ms latency, no ghosting of pixels and so on. Ever heard of these types of features?

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That’s the reason, most people are not getting what their PC can offer. To make things simpler and easier, it is suggested by professionals choose reputed brands when choosing a gaming monitor.  This strategy is helpful and it can help in many ways, but you might miss so many essential features that are even available for a lower price point. To eliminate this problem, we simply ordered more than fifteen top-selling gaming monitors in India and tested out each one of them. After a complete inspection of the features, we sorted out the top ones. 

3 Best 4k Gaming Monitor In India

#1 Asus 4K #2 Samsung G7 #3 Acer 4K
asus tuff gaming monitor Samsung 27-inches 68.4cm 2560 X 1440 (QHD) Pixels Odyssey G7 Gaming, 240 Hz acer nitro 28 inch.jpg
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Here, you can find the list of the top 5 gaming monitors in India in 2022 and a quick buying guide to help you understand the critical factors before making a purchase decision. Meanwhile, you can learn about some of the best gaming monitor manufacturers in India. “Make sure to buy a gaming monitor that offers above 300 nits brightness and no distortion to have competitive gameplay

Top 5 Best Selling Gaming Monitors In India

The Indian market has impressive gaming monitor manufacturers. Every brand is coming up with new technologies and catchy features to grab buyers’ attention. Some features are gimmicky whereas some of them are helpful. To understand which brand is best, you can choose the one with an impressive sales figure in India. These are some of the top manufacturers in India. These are well-known brands that offer all the crazy features at affordable pricing. Choosing a reputed brand can help when choosing the best gaming monitor under 20000 or even under 15000 Indian rupees. 

#1 Acer Nitro 22 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro 22 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

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Acer gaming monitor has an exceptional 21.5-inch display. It offers higher enjoyment with the best quality of images, and viewing the pictures on the monitor is possible with 178 degrees angles. There is an outstanding fluidity of pictures, so the viewing of content and playing of games is excellent.  The correct response time helps reduce the Ghost and smear effect. It is also eliminating blur fast from the display. As a result, the users can get the best experience with a reasonable refresh rate. There is no tearing of the screen with the latest technology of the monitor. 

Apart from it, the users can take benefit from different connectivity options. There is the availability of HDMI ports with VGA cables. You can easily connect your device with the monitor for an excellent musical experience. If you are interested in listening to good music, it is a suitable choice for you. Do not forget to know about the graphics and visuals of the Acer monitor. The model has the mode to optimize the visuals for viewing different content. Watching Action, Racing, and Sports is possible with the monitor to get real-life experience while playing the games. 


  • The monitor is available with a blue light filter 
  • No harm is offered to the eyes with a flicker-free unique feature.
  • The product is an ideal choice for both education and gaming.
  • The screen size of the product is perfect – 21.5 inches. 


  • The viewing angles of the monitor are sometimes terrible. 

#2 LG Ultragear Gaming 24 Inch Monitor with Full HD


LG Ultragear Gaming 24 inch Monitor with IPS & Full HD

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LG Gaming monitor has the speciality of the correct display. It has a screen of 24 inches size and IPS Full HD GRB with HDR 10. The users can know about the display and IPS if they want to play games. If not, then there is the best colour calibrated to enhance their content viewing experience. The gamers can get the advantage of a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time with the model. Apart from it, Freesync with premium quality is also offered to enhance the PC experience. The users can edit photos and play games on LG Ultra Gear monitors without any problem. 

If you talk about the stand, then you are getting adjustable height with the product stand. The tilt, Pivot, Stand, and VESA 100*100 wall mount are some of the features related to the frame. It is essential to know about them before purchasing the product. LG monitor has different unique and stylish designs, and it offers a realistic experience to the users. There is the best visual immersion of vibrant colours with proper contrast. It will allow you to get desired gaming experience. To know more about the product, you can evaluate the pros and cons. 


  • LG monitor offers a natural feel with the actual combat of true colours. 
  • The product has HDR 10 with sRGB 99% to offer the best PC experience. 
  • The users can get benefit from the incredible speed of the product. 


  • The product is available with a bulky stand.
  • There is a noticeable screen bleed. 

#3 Acer Nitro 24 Inch FHD Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro 24 inch FHD Gaming Monitor

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Acer gaming monitor has full HD resolution to offer sharp and smooth gameplay. The playing experience of the gamers is supreme even at the highest settings. It is possible with 1920*1080 resolution of Acer Nitro gaming monitor. The product has an integrated AMD Freesync premium technology. It helps reduce screen tearing and minimize lag and latency. As a result, the availability of the best gaming experience is possible for all gamers. They can purchase the product to play games and do study. 

If you are working on the monitor for long hours, then it delivers proper protection to the eyes. The eyes are protected with a Blue Light shield. Apart from it, Acer vision care and Flicker-less low dimming lights are also available with the monitor to reduce the strains on the eyes. Remember that not only the features are excellent, but also the design of the gaming monitor is ultimate. The connection of multiple monitors is possible without any annoying experience. There is a need to know about the looks and features if you are interested in buying an Acer Nitro gaming monitor. 


  • The monitors have stereo speakers to offer high-sound quality 
  • The resolution of the monitors is the best for gaming and education.
  • Acer Nitro offers a beautiful experience while playing games. 


  • The images of the gaming monitor are not so good. 
  • Sometimes working on the monitor is annoying for regular users. 

#4 LG Ultragear 27 Inch Compatible Gaming LCD Monitor

LG Ultragear 27 Inch IPS FHD, G-Sync Compatible Gaming LCD Monitor

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LG Ultragear monitor is a certified monitor for playing games and studying. It is compatible with 144 Hz to connect the gaming console to the monitors. The display of the product is 27 inch full HD IPS to view the content quickly to have the best PC experience. The connectivity options are also great with the LG gaming monitor. The users can get the benefit of a separate display port with the choice of product. Apart from it, you can quickly put the headphone out after playing the games. 

Moreover, the LG Ultragear gaming monitor has a different adjustable stand. It includes Tilt, Pivot VESA wall mount, and a height-adjustable stand. The measurement of the stand is around 100*100 cm for properly working and playing on the monitor. Black Stabilizer, Dynamic Action Sync, and crosshair are some of the features of the LCD gaming monitor. There is a need to learn about the features of the purchase of the LCD monitor. Apart from it, you should evaluate the pros and cons of having the best and full PC experience. 


  • The monitor is beneficial for video editing. 
  • It is a certified monitor for editing photos and playing the games
  • The adjustment in the height is possible as per the needs and requirements
  • It is an ideal monitor which is compatible with different devices.


  • The monitor does not have a nano-IPS model for editing and gaming 
  • The product does not have Black Frame insertions.

#5 BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710S 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710S 27"(68cm) IPS Bezel-Less HDR Gaming Monitor


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It is a product with high resolution with a 28-inch LED UHD feature. HDR is responsible for increasing the dynamic range between black and white colours. There is showcasing of incredible picture quality with minor details. You can learn about the feature to get the best PC experience.  Freesync Technology puts a suitable canopy for the best gameplay. The technology is also beneficial for repairing broken frames. VESA Mount wall is also offered to the users to play games as per the requirement. All users and game lovers can get benefit from artefact-free performance. 

Apart from it, the connectivity with the monitor is excellent. There is a display-port input for a multi-device connection. You can also get a high sound monitor with in-built speakers. Playing games with the best sound can enhance the gaming experience. Brightness technology will allow the users to adjust the brightness of the monitor. Adjusting the colour is also possible with the brightness technology of the BenQ model. Do not forget to learn about the pros and cons of console gaming monitors to make the best choice. It will improve the chances of selecting the right monitor. 


  • High Dynamic range is possible with the gaming monitor. 
  • You can get benefits related to sound with in-built speakers. 
  • The adjustment of the brightness is possible to reduce the strain on the eyes. 
  • Colour temperature changes are the best advantage of the product.


  • The viewing angle of the monitor is not so good. 
  • A slight shift and change in colour are challenging

A Quick Buying Guide – How To Choose The Right Gaming Monitor?

Most people think that a gaming monitor is almost similar to a regular monitor with the difference in the “Gaming” label on it. However, there are a few certain differences which make the best gaming monitor under 20000 better than a regular monitor from a higher cost. So, during the purchase time, one should pay attention to the below-given factors to find the right gaming monitor – 

Display Size and Resolution

When choosing a gaming monitor, one should always choose the size which perfectly suits the gameplay. Among all the popular sizes, the 27-inch monitor is the sweet spot among most gamers due to the large display size, easy-to-track details and affordability. You can also find the best gaming monitor under 10000, but you might have to cut down on features like resolution or display size. you can check all the best monitors under 10000

Along with the size of the monitor, you must choose the respective resolution option. A monitor with a 27-inch screen size can easily provide the best experience with a 1440p or 4K resolution panel. No doubt that 1080p is also good enough to choose from, and it can help you save money during the purchase time. 


There are two types of gaming monitors widely popular in India. These types are – 

LED – An LED display is considered the better option due to its excellent contrast ratio, high brightness and impressive resolution option. LEDs are better and they are feature-rich, but the major drawback is the expensive price tag. 

LCD – LCD is comparatively older technology, but it is affordable, highly reliable for gaming and offers excellent colour accuracy. You might lack a little contrast and find fringing or ghosting around the corners of the screen, but it is not a major issue to worry about. Once you have selected the adequate type among both options, you can finalize the right one and make your purchase decision easier. 

Curved or Flat 

After choosing the display panel type, it is time to finalize the aspect ratio as well as the display type. Gaming monitors with curved displays are excellent with viewing angles, and you can expect to play better. On the other hand, flat monitors are better in overall usage purpose and provide better versatility. So, both types of monitor display have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for the best experience and benefit of both worlds, then choosing a flat monitor is an excellent option and it can help you save money more easily. 

Refresh Rate and Response time 

While going through the list of top gaming monitors list, you have noticed that we are mentioning 60hz, 75hz or 120hz refresh rates. What does it mean? Well, the refresh rate is all about the time taken in refreshing the whole display in a single second. Well, 75hz means that the display will refresh pixels 75 times in a minute. For a gaming monitor, 120hz is offering the best functionality and it is also under the budget. 

Brightness Levels and HDR

Always choose a gaming monitor that can provide you with 300 nits or higher brightness levels. The key reason behind higher brightness is to use HDR functionality. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it is all about offering you more details in every game. 

From shadows to looking at the sky in the game, you can find a core difference in the picture quality. So yes, a gaming monitor with 300 nits of brightness and HDR400 level is perfect under a budget. 

Reputed Brand and Warranty

To find the best gaming monitor, you should always start with reputed manufacturers. All the well-known brands are offering some impressive features in the budget section and you can expect excellent after-sale services to eliminate any kind of issue with the product. We have mentioned some of the popular brands that can come in handy during the purchase time. Meanwhile, going through a particular product review will help you learn more in detail regarding the quality and drawbacks. 

FAQs – Best Gaming Monitor

Is A 4K Gaming Monitor Value For Money?

Yes, 4K gaming monitors can offer excellent value if you want the best experience and you are playing in esports events. 

What Are The Best Gaming Monitor Brands In India?

Acer, LG, Asus, BenQ and Samsung are some of the best gaming monitor manufacturers in India with reliable services and excellent value factors. 

Are Curved Monitors Better For The Safety of the Eye?

Yes, curved monitors reduce distortion by offering excellent viewing angles. So, you have fewer stains on your eyes which can come help with eyes protection. 

What’s the Lifespan of a Gaming Monitor?

A gaming monitor display can easily last for a decade with adequate maintenance and care. However, the model is going to be outdated in this period and you might get it changed before it stops working.

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