Height Adjustable Monitor In India With Swivel, Tilt, Pivot Option

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#1. BenQ #2. LG #3. Dell
BenQ GW2480T Eye-Care Monitor LG 27Ml600 Full Hd 27 Inch (69 Cm) LCD 1920 X 1080 Pixels IPS Monitor 3 Side Borderless Design
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The advantage of the height-adjustable monitor is that you can adjust the viewing angles and the monitor’s orientation. The result is a better working position and higher efficiency. Another good part about the height-adjustable monitor is that it helps almost everyone using the computer. It will make it easy for your kid to use the computer, and at the same time, you will also be able to adjust the height according to your needs. With so many advantages, we are sure you would want to look at the height-adjustable monitor while planning a purchase. 

Top 5 Best Height Adjustable Monitors In India

To help you, we have compiled this page where we have primarily discussed the height adjustable monitors in India. You can scroll through the sections below, and you will find everything you are looking for. These are the main benefits of investing in height-adjustable monitors. You get a lot of versatility, and it is easy to use. You will also come across some of the walls mounted height adjustable monitors, and they are a great option. These next-gen height-adjustable monitors will undoubtedly improve your experience while using the desktop. Let us now check out the top 5 best height adjustable monitors available in India. We have shared a short review of these options, and at the same time, we have also listed the pros & cons of these height-adjustable monitors. Go ahead and check them out below.

#1 BenQ 24 Inch Height Adjustable Monitor

BenQ 24 Inch Height Adjustable Monitor

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The first option available on the list is from BenQ. This is a 24 inch height adjustable monitor loaded with the features. The monitor also comes with brightness intelligence technology that adjusts the brightness according to the ambient light. In addition, you can lower the levels of blue light while using this monitor. It offers multiple connectivity options, and at the same time, BenQ height-adjustable monitors come with a very extended warranty. Because of the affordable price, it is one of the most popular users’ choices. This monitor also has an in-built speaker.


  • It is the most affordable option on the list.
  • It comes with low blue light technology & flicker-free display.
  • The brand offers a 39-month warranty on these height-adjustable monitors.


  • The speaker quality is not very good.

#2 Dell Professional 27-Inch Height Adjustable Monitor

Dell Professional 27 inch Full HD Height Adjustable Monitor

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If you are looking for the biggest possible size, you can try out this 27 inch height-adjustable monitor from Dell. This monitor comes with a security lock slot, HDMI port, display port, CGA connector and USB ports for upstream & downstream connectivity. The monitor is huge, but it is also effortless to manoeuvre it and get the sweet spot for working. The brand offers a three-year warranty which is enough to cover any manufacturing defect. Since the monitor has LED technology, it will undoubtedly last very long before giving you any issues.


  • The brand offers a three-year warranty on these height-adjustable monitors.
  • The monitor has seven different types of slots for connectivity.
  • This height-adjustable monitor is easy to manoeuvre.


  • Some people reported issues after unboxing.

#3 Acer 21.5 Inch Monitor with Height Adjustment & Pivot

Acer 21.5 Inch IPS Full HD LED Monitor with Height Adjustment & Pivot

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If you are looking for FHD height-adjustable monitors, you can also check out this option from Acer. This Acer monitor has VGA, HDMI and a Displayport for connectivity. It also has USB ports. Apart from this, an integrated Mic & Webcam is available on this monitor. With this monitor, you get features like a blue light shield, flicker less display, and low-dimming technology. It is also possible to mount this screen horizontally. After connecting this display to the computer, you also get access to Acer Display Widget, making it very easy to make display-related adjustments.


  • It is available in 21.5 inches, 23.8 inches and 27 inches sizes.
  • There is an integrated webcam & speaker on these height-adjustable monitors.
  • The brand offers a three-year warranty.


  • The webcam and Mic won’t work with a MAC device.

#4 LG 27 Inch Monitor with Height / Pivot / Tilt Adjustable


LG 27 inch Monitor with Height / Pivot / Tilt Adjustable

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If you are looking for nothing but the best, you can also check out these height-adjustable monitors from LG. It is a 27-inch 4K UHD Monitor, and it comes with three sides virtual borderless display. The monitor has 2 HDMI ports, one display port and one headphone output port. You can use this monitor on the desk or mount it on the wall. The brand has also integrated a black stabilizer, on-screen control, dynamic action sync and flicker-safe features on this display. If you love playing games, you can switch the monitor to in-game Mode, and you will feel the difference.


  • This monitor supports 4K UDH Resolution.
  • The display has three sides of borderless configurations.
  • The stand looks very elegant, and the brand offers a three-year warranty.


  • This height-adjustable monitor is expensive.

#5 Samsung 27-Inch Monitor with Height Adjustable

Samsung 27 inch Computer Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand

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The last option available on our list is from Samsung. This is also a 27-inch 4K UHD monitor, and it comes with many features like intelligent eye care, Picture Picture and Picture Picture orientation. You can use the stand to adjust the height of orienting the display at 90 degrees. The monitor has seamless connectivity, and you need to ensure that you have a device supporting 4K resolution to make the best use of this height-adjustable monitor.


  • It has three borderless side designs for maximum viewing experience.
  • The brand offers a three-year warranty.
  • It has a 4K resolution with a maximum brightness of 300 nits.


  • The monitor is expensive.

Best Brands Making Height Adjustable Monitor

In the last two decades, many local & global brands have entered the Indian market. The user has been able to get the advantage as the options available have increased drastically. In this case, we are sure that you would be interested in learning about the best brands for height-adjustable monitors in India. You can look at the top manufacturers below.


One of the best brands for consumer durables is LG. The brand is always known for sturdy product quality and excellent customer support. If you are looking for height-adjustable monitors, then you can also check out the offerings from LG. Most of the monitors from LG come with different ports, and they are usually loaded with features like DAS Mode, FreeSync and Black Stabilizer. The brand also offers a three-year warranty on some of the products.


Samsung is a brand that is known for its displays across the world. It should not surprise you to know that even brands like Apple rely on Samsung for their screens. Fortunately, we have many options from Samsung if you are looking for height-adjustable monitors. The product line is extensive, and the brand is known for reliability, customer service and quality. You can check out the ultra-slim range from the brand, and you will love the monitors.


Acer is yet another famous brand for computers and peripheral devices. The brand also offers monitors, and there are many options available, especially if you are looking for height-adjustable monitors. The brand also has extra wide and curved monitors in the product line. You can trust Acer with its quality and customer support.


People often associate Dell with fantastic customer service, and if you are looking for something similar, you can purchase height adjustable monitors from Dell. The monitors from this brand are priced slightly aggressively, but they are worth the premium. Dell monitor has an extensive customer service network, and they gained a large customer base because of the on-site customer service offered them.


The last brand on the list is BenQ. This brand has been a popular choice across the world. The market share of BenQ is increasing, and the credit goes to the extensive product range. The brand has many excellent features in the monitors, including low blue light and intelligent brightness settings. With all these features and a competitive price, BenQ has become a popular choice for people in India. 

Why Height Adjustable Monitors Are The Best Choice?

You might be wondering why you really need an adjustable height monitor or if you can manage with a regular monitor too. In this section, we have shared the advantages of height-adjustable monitors so that you can optimize your purchase. Go ahead and check out the details below.


The first thing you will notice about height-adjustable monitors is that they are versatile. People with different heights can use height-adjustable monitors without compromising their comfort. This feature made them very useful for families and shared spaces.

Easy to Adjust

Adjusting the height-adjustable monitors is also very easy. You need to apply a little pressure at the top or the bottom to adjust the height. There is no screw or other mechanical adjustment, making it even easier to adjust. Even a child can adjust the height-adjustable monitors easily.

Better Body Posture

Because of the height adjustability, you get a better sitting posture. You would not have to raise or bend your head to see the monitor properly. Adjust the height, and the vision will be clear. This helps you reduce soreness in the neck, especially after long-term usage.

Excellent Quality

The picture quality of the modern day monitor is usually excellent. There are no flickers, and most of them come with modes for adjusting the blue light. All these features can reduce the strain on your eyes.

Buying Guide For Height Adjustable Monitor 

It is not always easy to choose a product. This is especially true for electronic gadgets. We understand that you may not feel confident buying height-adjustable monitors, without looking at your requirements. So, to help you, we have compiled some pointers that you must look at while buying height-adjustable monitors.

Height Adjustment Levels

You can start by looking at the height adjustment levels. Some of the display lets you adjust the levels by only a few centimetres, while others may let you adjust the levels by a greater margin.

Display Resolution

You must also look at the display resolution of the height-adjustable monitors. You will find 2K, HD, FHD and 4K displays. You must even look at the technology used. LED displays are far better and more durable than LCD Displays.

Size of the Display

The next thing to check is the size of the display. We have shared options ranging from 21 inches to 27 inches on the list. You can choose the size as per your utility.

Input Ports

Look at the options for the input ports. You will find options for HDMI, USB-C Type or USB-A port. You can see which one would be more convenient to use.

Smart Features

Many new-gen height-adjustable monitors come with features like blue light reduction, anti-flicker display, auto-brightness and warm display features. Some of these features are very useful, and they can drastically reduce the strain on the eyes.

Pivot & Tilt Adjustment

You must also look at the pivot and the tilt adjustment. This helps in a comfortable viewing angle. Some height-adjustable monitors can also be pivoted to get them in horizontal orientation.


The last thing to check is the warranty. You will find monitors with one year warranty, and you will also find options offering you a five-year warranty. So, you need to see what you are purchasing. Some brands also offer extended warranties.

Height Adjustable Monitor FAQ

Q: What is a height adjustable monitor?

A height adjustable monitor is a display screen that can be adjusted in terms of its vertical position. This allows users to change the height of the monitor to find a comfortable viewing level, reducing strain on their neck, shoulders, and eyes.

Q: How does a height adjustable monitor work?

Most height adjustable monitors come with a stand or mount that enables vertical adjustments. The stand typically features a mechanism that allows the user to raise or lower the monitor to their preferred height. This could involve sliding, tilting, or rotating components.

Q: Why are height adjustable monitors important?

Height adjustable monitors promote ergonomic comfort. People come in different sizes and have varying work setups, so having a monitor at the right height can help prevent neck, back, and eye strain. It also enhances productivity by allowing users to customize their setup to their needs.

Q: What are the benefits of using a height adjustable monitor?

  • Ergonomic Comfort: Adjusting the monitor to eye level reduces strain on the neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Reduced Eye Strain: Proper positioning can minimize glare and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Users can set the monitor at an optimal height for their workflow.
  • Collaboration: Sharing the screen with others becomes easier when the monitor’s height is adjustable.

Q: Are height adjustable monitors only for office use?

No, height adjustable monitors are beneficial in various settings. They’re useful for offices, home workspaces, gaming setups, design studios, and any environment where prolonged monitor usage is common.

Q: What types of adjustments do height adjustable monitors offer?

Height adjustable monitors can offer vertical height adjustment, tilt adjustment (for changing the angle of the monitor), and sometimes swivel adjustment (for rotating the monitor horizontally).

Q: What is the ideal height for my monitor?

The ideal height depends on your eye level and posture. When seated, your eyes should be aligned with the top third of the screen. This helps you look straight ahead without tilting your head up or down.

Q: Can I mount a height adjustable monitor on a wall?

Yes, some height adjustable monitors can be mounted on walls using compatible mounts. However, not all monitors are designed for wall mounting, so make sure to check the specifications of the monitor you’re interested in.

Q: Are height adjustable monitors more expensive?

Height adjustable monitors can be slightly more expensive than fixed stands due to the added mechanisms and flexibility they offer. However, the price difference varies based on the brand, features, and size of the monitor.

Q: How do I clean and maintain a height adjustable monitor?

Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and maintenance. Generally, use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the screen and a mild cleaning solution for stubborn stains. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Final Verdict

This was all the possible information about the height-adjustable monitors. We hope you found these details helpful while purchasing the adjustable height monitors. You can also look at the pros & cons of the products that we have shared with you, making the buying process even easier. Do let us know in the comments section about your purchase and your experience with the height-adjustable monitors.

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