32 Inch Monitor- Best For Gaming And Work [Top Pick]

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#1. LG #2. Samsung #3. Acer
LG 32Qn600 32 Inches Samsung LF24T350FHWXXL 24-inch FHD IPS Monitor Acer ED320QR 31.5 Inch Full HD
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Working on a large screen monitor is a completely different feel that most people can agree on. No doubt that a 32 inch monitor provides the core advantage of looking at better details in photo or video editing, helps share ppt files better, and much more. Gaming is the key advantage that most people get with a 32 Inch monitor in India.  When choosing the best 32 Inch monitor, one might look after the picture resolution, refresh rate, or other gimmicky features.

Choose Monitors By Size Type & Price

By Size By Type By Price
22 Inch Monitor  Gaming Monitor Monitor Under 3000
 24 Inch Monitor Curved Monitor Monitor Under 5000
27 Inch Monitor  4k Monitor Monitor Under 10000
 32 Inch Monitor Monitor with Webcam Monitor Under 15000

It is an excellent way to shop unless or until you are specific about your requirements. The best monitor is which offers an excellent gaming experience and must have an amazing refresh rate with an excellent viewing angle.

Top Brands Making 32 Inch Monitor

However, the same thing doesn’t apply to a content creator who is working on editing photos, videos, or building apps.  For a content creator, color accuracy is important with a large display to look at all the details easily.  To figure out the best 32 Inch monitor in India, you can go through the list of reputed brands, a quick checklist, and our top picks. Eventually, you will be able to choose an adequate monitor for the specific use case. Let’s get started –  Have you noticed that most monitor brands don’t focus on promoting 32 Inch monitors? Instead, these brands are targeting the low-budget audience. The reason is the demand factor. There is a significantly lower demand for 32 Inch monitors and brands are not trying their best to sell top-end models. However, you can still find amazing options to choose from – 

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Acer LG
Asus  Dell
BenQ Samsung

 Among all these brands, you can find 32 Inch monitors for a wide range of price points. However, we are focusing on the options that provide the best value based on all the features and price points. To come up with the list of top 32 Inch monitors, we did our research and tested more than a dozen monitors. To understand which monitor is the best one, we talked to experts, looked at all monitors’ display quality, and made a list of the best ones. Here is the list of the top 7 best 32 Inch monitors in India. Let’s get started – 

#1 Samsung 32 Inch M5 LED Smart Monitor


Samsung 32 inch (81.3 cm) Smart Monitor with World’s 1st Do-It-All Screen

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Samsung smart monitor is the best on every side of life. You can get your work done without a PC because of the installed Microsoft Office 365. It also has remote access to your office computer for working from home. Not only that, you can switch to pure entertainment with a one-stop entertainment system. This Samsung monitor can listen to what you tell it. It is because of the in-built voice assistant in the model. It will allow you to switch between apps, control videos, and more through the voice assistant or smart things app. Make sure that you know about the feature before purchasing it.

Moreover, there is no need to switch around any other monitor over the Samsung smart monitor. Automatic Source Switch Plus allows the monitor detects newly connected devices when they are plugged in with the model. Apart from it, the displays also have the correct signal for the interrupted experience. No more searching for the correct input on the menu. You can get it already done with Samsung smart monitor. If you are interested in purchasing the monitor, do not forget to check the pros and cons of the monitor.


  • It is a smart monitor with secure connectivity to Netflix and YouTube.
  • Access to the automatic source to control and adjust the screen
  • The best monitor for playing different games. 
  • One-stop monitor for unlimited entertainment at your home. 
  • Windows 10 certified 


  • The display of the monitor is not so bright 
  • Limited applications with the model. 

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#2 BenQ EW3270U 32 Inch 4K UHD Monitor

BenQ EW3270U 32-inch 4K UHD Monitor

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The monitor is available with a splendid 4k ultra-HD display. It enhances enjoyment with highly vibrant, precise, and realistic images. All of these are offered with 4K UHD 3840×2160 resolution.  It also offers 95% DCI P3 color gamut and 1.07 billion colors and these are attractive features of the monitor. Apart from it, there is an enhanced visual experience. It offers you multiple levels of HDR and Brightness Intelligence with various modes to enjoy the clarity of the displayed content. You can also get superior sound with authentic tone sound with 2W x 2 speakers to enhance your audio-visual experience.

Do not forget about USB-C, HDMI, and display port ports. You can know about the feature before purchasing the product. Thus, your multimedia enjoyment is higher compared to another monitor for content viewing and playing games. Moreover, you can also evaluate the pros and cons of the monitor before purchasing them. 


  • Enhanced viewing angles to provide the best experience. 
  • 95% DCI p3 color gamut is the best one for sure. 
  • USB C port connectivity helps with higher speed input options. 
  • Comes with an in-built speaker. 


  • No complete meeting of needs with the monitor 
  • Less adjustment in the brightness on the monitor.

#3 ViewSonic Crossover 32 Inch Monitor

ViewSonic Crossover Monitor VX3211-4K-MHD 80.01 cm (32") 4K

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ViewSonic monitor has amazing features like Ultra HD performance and 4K resolution. 4K resolution is beneficial to offer a pleasant PC experience to the users. The resolution is four times higher than full HD. As a result, it will show a more excellent image on display with more on-screen content. All the images are fantastic to deliver the best user experience. The monitor has a wide range of colors. It has a color gamut to make it a masterpiece. You can view various shades of viewable on the monitor. The availability of the best color accuracy is also possible for content viewers and gamers. 

Apart from it, these deliver the best color contrast to the users. So, it offers complete freedom in watching the content. You can watch what you want and when you want without any problem. There will offer no strain on the eyes with flawless and smooth graphics and content. 


  • The monitor has mega dynamic contrast for watching content and playing games. 
  • A wide range of compatibility is also possible with choosing the model. 
  • Complete flexibility in connecting the monitor with another device. 
  • The availability of both bright and darkest images on the display 


  • Complicated system for switching input for monitor display

#4 Acer ED322QR 32 Inch Full HD Curved Monitor 

Acer ED322QR 31.5 Inch (80.01 cm) Full HD Curved VA Backlit LED Monitor with eye care feature

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This Acer monitor has an exceptional HD 1800R Curve display. It has 250 Nits brightness with 178-degree viewing angles. These contribute to a seamless design for enjoyment. The game’s playing is also smooth, with a smooth design a reduction in lag, and no tearing. There are plenty of connectivity options to connect the monitor to other devices. Stereo speakers for audio out are also offered with the monitor. You should know about the connectivity options before the purchase of the model. As a result, you will get an uninterrupted experience with the feature. 

Moreover, you can get home entertainment with the choice of an Acer monitor. The curved Monitor is the best option for watching a movie and light gaming. You should also evaluate the pros and cons of the model to get the best PC experience. 


  • It is a suitable model for photo editing, gaming, and business. 
  • The screen size of the monitor is 31.5 inches to offer the best display at home. 
  • The monitor provides the best eye care without any damage to the eyes. 
  • 144Hz refresh rate for monitors


  • No USB ports with the monitor 
  • The building quality of the monitor is OK.

#5 Samsung 32 Inch Smart Monitor with Netflix

Samsung 32 inch (80 cm) Smart Monitor with Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and Apple TV Streaming

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It is a 32-inch Smart monitor with 1980*1080 resolution. It offers the best display to enhance your PC experience. Smart HUB will convert the watching of the content into ease. You can get access to a bunch of entertainment applications with the smart feature of the model.  The picture quality is supreme for the users. It has an adaptive picture with a sensational picture during the whole day and night. There is detection of the sensor automatically for the adjustment of brightness in the monitor. It is an essential thing to check before the choice of a product. 

If you are a game lover, then an ultrawide game view is offered to gamers. You can always keep an eye on the feature to get a winning experience. Apart from it, there are some hidden features that you can discover by learning the pros and cons of the model. 


  • It is a Windows 10 Certified monitor. 
  • The monitor has remote access for working from a remote area.
  • The model has mobile compatibility to get a full PC experience at home. 
  • You can easily adjust your screen to 9:21 to have the best experience. 


  • No adjustment of height with selecting the monitor
  • Some screws are missing from the model.

#6 LG QHD 2KIPS Display with Side Border


LG QHD 2K (2560 x 1440) 80 cm (32 inches) IPS Display 3 Side Borderless - HDR 10, sRGB 99%, AMD Free sync - Dual HDMI, Display Port - 32QN600

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LG QHD monitor is an IPS resolution monitor with 10 HDR. It is responsible for 350 Nits brightness and more than one billion colors. These have the best color calibrated to get a pleasant PC experience. You should know about the resolution for purchasing the model. The model has different ports. The ports will include display port1.4, Dual HDMI, headphones out and in port, and Audio-in. If you plan to buy an LG QHD monitor, then checking the ports is essential. It will allow you to pick the best model.

Moreover, the monitor has some unique gaming features like a Black stabilizer and dynamic action. You can learn about the feature for picking the best display with a side border. You can satisfy your PC-related needs if you know and evaluate the pros and cons.


  • It is the best monitor for playing games. 
  • The display of the LG QHD monitor is offered without any side border
  • A separate display port is an important feature of the model.
  • Free Sync Dual HDMI with the model


  • HDR is not so great with the model
  • No y-axis rotation with monitor 

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#7 LG 32 Inch 4K-UHD VESA Display Monitor 

LG 81.28 cm (32 inch) 4K-UHD (3840 x 2160) VESA Display HDR 600 Monitor, DCI-P3 95%, Radeon FreeSync, Inbuilt Speaker (5W x 2), Height/Tilt Adjustable Stand, Display Port

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LG monitor is available with a 32-inch 4K UHD VESA resolution. The product has an HDR display 600 with an inbuilt speaker. The users can know about the display and resolution for choosing the product for gaming and content viewing.  The monitor also has a height-adjustable stand with a standing tilt. VESA wall mount is offered with 100*100cm to enhance the PC experience. You should pay attention to the quality of the stand to choose the best viewing display.

A black stabilizer, Dynamic Action, and Sync screen split are some of the features of the model. The availability of a reader mode is also possible with the picking of the LG VESA Display HDR monitor. Apart from it, you can also control the screen and color to deliver the best experience. 


  • Adjustable stand of the monitor for playing games and content viewing
  • Free sync available with the model 
  • Inbuilt speaker with the monitor to avoid problem-related with sound or noise
  • Display port with the monitor to improve connectivity and performance. 


  • Large monitor surface, so there is a requirement to manually adjust light 
  • Minor ghosting with the product 
  • Only great for gaming 

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Why Choose a 32 Inch Monitor Over Any Other Size?

When choosing a 32-inch monitor, you might think that a small monitor can do the same thing. Then why do I need a 32-inch monitor? Well, three key reasons make this size format unique from the other options – 

  • Perfect Size for Content Creators as they can build apps, and software, edit the footage and focus on lots of things that a small monitor can’t offer. 
  • There is no other monitor size as perfect as 32 Inches for gaming purposes. You get an immersive experience that can’t be compared even with the large-sized options also. 
  • Media consumption is the major point that makes 32 Inch monitors reliable. You can browse videos, watch movies, and use this monitor as a media hub for occasional uses. 

Apart from these reasons, a 32-inch monitor looks classy and its design is also top-of-the-line to ensure that you have an excellent-looking monitor. 

Check List For Buying 32 Inch Monitor

When you are buying a 32-inch monitor, it is necessary to understand your primary need with the monitor size. If you want to work on content creation, play games, make music, and other things, then this size is perfect. But now is the time to look for five key features – 

Display Resolution with PPI

When buying a monitor this large, you must not go with HD ready or HD resolution. On a large display, the PPI count of an HD monitor is not good enough for clarity. In these situations, one should go with at least QHD or higher resolution. We recommend you choose between – 

  • 2K or QHD
  • 4K
  • 8K

Yes, 8K is a thing now, but most computers or programs can’t take complete advantage of this resolution. So, 4K is the perfect option here. 

Color Gamut

In simple words, the Colour Gamut is the range of the visible color spectrum. If you choose a monitor with a 97% or higher color gamut, you can expect the highest color accuracy along with an amazing experience while working on content creation. 

Eye Protection

On such a large display, protection from blue light to your eyes is essential. Thus, you must look after features related to blue light elimination or any layer of protection. By this means, you can ensure a safer use for hours. 

 Contrast Ratio

Some people say that LCD is better than LED, whereas some claim the opposite. However, you can stay away from this argument by choosing a monitor with higher brightness and with excellent contrast ratio. If you can find an LCD with 400 nits or higher brightness with a million-to-one contrast ratio for a better price point, then it is the best option. One should consider better value until a point he or she has no issue with the budget. 


On a 32-inch monitor, everyone considers the functionality of two or more ports to connect multiple devices at once. You can go with a computer, laptop, gaming console and more devices in these scenarios. You must consider at least 2 HDMI, and 1 Thunderbolt 3.0 port to get the best out of your monitor. 

Bottom Line

No doubt that a large monitor has significant advantages over a regular monitor size. If our list of the top 7 best 32 Inch monitors in India helps during the purchase, we are going to be elated. We hope that you have an excellent shopping experience.

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