24 Inch Monitor For PC & Office Work – Best 5 Pick

Our Top 3 Pick

#1. LG #2. Lenovo #3. BenQ
LG Ultragear 24-Inch Gaming Monitor Lenovo L-Series 60.45 cm (24 inch) BenQ GW2480 24-Inch 1080p IPS Monitor
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People choose 24-inch monitors for a variety of reasons. For starters, the good pixel-to-to-inch ratio on 24-inch screens makes even the lowly 1920×1080 resolution look good. It’s possible to spend more money on the monitor’s other features, such as a faster refresh rate and perhaps a better panel, because you’re getting enough screen space, sharp details, as well as a resolution that isn’t too demanding on the PC. Second, because they are so small, 24″ monitors are perfect for people who work on pc and have smaller desks or rooms with limited space.

Choose Monitors By Size Type & Price

By Size By Type By Price
22 Inch Monitor  Gaming Monitor Monitor Under 3000
 24 Inch Monitor Curved Monitor Monitor Under 5000
27 Inch Monitor  4k Monitor Monitor Under 10000
 32 Inch Monitor Monitor with Webcam Monitor Under 15000

When it comes to gaming, many gamers choose 24-inch monitors because they don’t have to move their heads or eyes as much as they would with a larger monitor, allowing them to see all of the action at once.

Top 5 Brands Selling 24 Inch Monitor

Keep in mind that different monitor manufacturers use the term ’24-inch’ to refer to a variety of screen sizes. The cheapest 24″ monitor you can get that’s also a good one. In terms of vibrant photo quality and fluid operation, these monitors are of great value. The 24-inch monitor is the most popular among buyers for a variety of reasons, according to most surveys conducted with various types of customers. In addition to taking up less desk space, this size reduces eye fatigue. 


Samsung’s 24-inch HDR monitors have amazing HDR displays and are “smart” monitors. With wireless and mobile compatibility, the manufacturers are providing features like video conferencing and documents that can be accessed from a mobile phone. It also has a lot of entertainment options, including Netflix, YouTube, as well as HBO. It will meet all of your needs when it comes to working on a computer screen.


With the LG 24 inch monitor, it’s impossible not to be impressed. With a 144Hz good refresh rate which can be conveniently overclocked to 160Hz, a response time of 1ms, stunning picture quality, and other entertainment attributes such as G-Sync, an ultra-wide ratio, and Display HDR 600, this is the monitor to beat if you’re searching for the utmost gaming experience. You should get this monitor if you’re serious about gaming if you can afford it. 


Innovative, high-performance monitors from Dell allow users to see their work in a whole new light. With Dell UltraSharp Curved Monitors, the first UHDA Premium-certified HDR10 monitor3, and our Ultra HD 4K and 8K monitors, you’ll be able to create, view, and edit photos and videos with unimaginably vivid color. Our cutting-edge technology provides the tools creative professionals need to do their best work.

MSI pro

The MSI Pro is designed for those who find themselves suddenly in need of a computer monitor. It’s not uncommon for office workers to wish for a screen that exists purely or links to their laptop. The Pro MP241 achieves its goal in this regard. Even though its black chassis is simple, it exudes an air of sophistication. There is an anti-reflective coating on the matte screen that does an excellent job. When tiling the monitor together, the 5mm bezel is not the thinnest, but it won’t be an issue.

Top 5 Best Selling 24 Inch Monitor In India

In addition, we’ve compiled a ranking of the ideal 24-inch monitors. For the right purchase, buyers must pay close attention to the product’s quality and price. As a result, you can find out which Indian companies sell the best monitors of a particular size. Many well-known and reliable manufacturers can be found in India’s electronics market. They are focusing on providing the ideal monitor size, such as 24 inches, to the customers. The choice was made for two primary reasons: they are both comfortable and reasonably priced. They can be used both in the office and at home. You can compile a list of the best five 24-inch monitors if you’re doing research. Check out all the options and pick the best one for your needs. To have the best gaming experience, let’s start with the best 5 Indian monitors.

#1 Samsung IPS 24 Inch Monitor For PC


Samsung IPS 24 Inch Monitor For PC

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Maximize your focus with minimal design. The borderless 3-sided display provides a sleek and contemporary look to any office setting. When using multiple monitors, the screens are all aligned in such a way that there is no visible gap between any of them. You can watch it in technicolor from anywhere. Color vibrancy and clarity are preserved across the entire screen thanks to the IPS panel. On a screen this big, the tones and hues look accurate no matter how you look at it.


  • It comes with a bezel-less 24-inch FHD monitor 
  • Freesync, as well as Game mode, ensure smooth gameplay.
  • 75hz refresh rate for fluid images
  • The design is extremely thin and sleek.
  • It comes with the largest Display: 24.0 Inches


  • Due to a faulty panel design, the monitor’s edges may bleed light.

#2 LG Ultragear 24 Inch Gaming Monitor


LG Ultragear 24-Inch Gaming Monitor 


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If you’re looking for a new computer monitor, look no further than this one. This gaming monitor has a 75 Hz refresh rate as well as a response time of as little as one second because it was specifically designed for gaming. It is rare to find a monitor in this budget range with a flicker-free innovation from LG.


  • The aspect ratio of 16:9
  • An angle of 178 degrees
  • A built-in 1080p HDMI, VGA, as well as a headphone jack


  • There is no way to alter the monitor’s height.
  • An excessive amount of power is used.

#3 Dell 24 Inch Full HD Monitor

Dell 24 Inch Full HD Monitor

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In terms of refresh rate, the model computer monitor has to be one of the best options available right now. With a 1920×1200 resolution, this monitor differs from other monitors on this page. The monitor has two HDMI ports, two display ports, six USB ports, as well as an audio output.


  • It comes with 2 HDMI ports
  • It has 6 USB ports
  • Known for VESA compatible design
  • It has 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • It comes with an ultra-wide view angle


  • Bit expensive as compared to other 24-inch monitors

#4 MSI Pro 24 Inch IPS Monitor

MSI Pro 24 inch IPS Monitor 

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The extendable stand, less blue light, and anti-flicker technology all combine to make MSI PRO MP242P a great eye-care monitor that also helps you learn more effectively. The IPS-grade panel on the monitor is designed to deliver the best possible image and color quality. It’s made for people who want to learn how to program and code online. As a bonus, it protects your eyes as you enjoy the most seamless streaming and online video experience possible.


  • It has an anti-flicker for protecting the eyes
  • It comes with less blue lighting technology
  • It has an IPS panel with a wide view angle


  • Color quality could have been better

#5 LG Full HD IPS 24 Inch Monitor

LG Full HD IPS 24 inch Monitor

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With the LG Monitor having IPS technology, liquid crystal displays can be highlighted to their fullest potential. Color reproduction is better, response times are reduced, and the screen can be viewed from a wide angle. Using Flicker Safe reduces the amount of flickering on the computer monitor, which helps alleviate eye fatigue. For a long time, it creates a relaxed working environment. With a few mouse clicks, you can divide the screen or change the settings for the basic monitor options. Reader Mode alters the monitor’s color temperature and luminance to simulate the experience of reading a paper book to reduce eye strain and discomfort while using a computer monitor.


  • Can be used in all workplace
  • Offers immersive experience
  • It has a virtually borderless design on 3 sides


  • Due to the curved screen’s unique viewing angle, it may take some time for users to get used to it.

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Why 24 Inch Monitors The Best Choice?

Monitors, as you may be aware, come in a variety of sizes. However, 24-inch monitors dominate the market. If you’d like to learn more about why this is the case, here are some examples. You’ll learn a lot about the significance of 24-inch monitors from these.

Best Resolution And Screen Size

It has the best screens with the maximum possible resolution in order to ensure the best possible image quality. This is a general rule that applies to screens of the same size because high resolutions produce sharper details on screens of that size. This has a significant impact on readability, which is critical for people who spend their days in front of a computer screen.

Monitors with a 24-inch screen are the most comfortable for everyone. This could be one of the reasons why professionals and experts prefer 24-inch screens. Because it falls in the middle of the two extremes, this is the most common measurement. It doesn’t take up much room on your desk. On either hand, you have enough screen real estate to multitask. Finally, it is very reasonably priced, so you won’t have to worry about running out of cash to buy it.


Nowadays, thin bezels and “frameless” designs allow for more room for images on most screens. When using multiple monitors, thin bezels create a seamless image because there are fewer visible gaps among displays.


The best 24-inch monitor stands allow the screens to be raised or lowered, tilted, swiveled and rotated. VESA-compliant monitors allow for a wide range of installation options, from desk-mounted to wall-mounted, thanks to their ability to be attached to an arm.


If you need to plug in the keyboard, cursor, and external drives like flash drives, looks for a monitor with multiple ports. Streaming content and connecting peripherals such as a headset or tablet will necessitate an HDMI port, a mini DisplayPort, and USB ports that can daisy-chain with other compatible monitors.

Things To Check When Buying Monitor

The user should keep in mind that there are more than one or two factors to consider when purchasing a computer monitor. Included in these are:

Type Of Monitor

Computer monitors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each monitor is unique in terms of how it works and what it can do. Bulky CRT monitors are a thing of the past, thanks to the advent of more energy-efficient LCD and LED alternatives. This is where LED monitors shine.

Monitor Size

The monitor must be large enough to allow the user to comfortably view the content.

Monitor Resolution 

When shopping for a computer monitor, most people forget about this important consideration. The multitude of image elements or pixels which make up a picture on a screen is referred to as the monitor’s resolution. Consider a screen with 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution if you want the best possible picture quality.

Response Time

Have you ever encountered a sluggish picture transition on the computer screen? If this is the case, the monitor will be the one with the slowest response. If you’re looking to buy a gaming monitor, we suggest that you look for a monitor with at least a 120 Hz refresh rate. A 60 Hz screen is adequate for the majority of routine tasks.

Connector Type

DVI, HDMI, and Display Port are all options for a monitor’s display port. However, other connector types are not preferred because they are out-of-date, except for the HDMI type. You should therefore look for a screen with an HDMI connector rather than some other type of connection. ‘ In summary, the above-mentioned factors should be taken into account when selecting the best monitors. Using the information in this article, you can find the 24-inch monitors you need to get the most out of your PC.

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