LG To Launch New Smart Monitors Without PC

LG is set to make waves in the world of monitors with the launch of two highly anticipated smart monitors in Japan on September 29, 2023. The star of the show is the 31.5-inch 32SR50F-W, a close relative of the 32SQ730S-W and 32SQ780S-W models. These monitors are generating significant buzz due to their remarkable ability to open and edit document files, including PowerPoint and Excel, without requiring a connection to a traditional computer. This impressive feat is made possible by the integration of LG’s robust and user-friendly operating system, WebOS.  This functionality opens up possibilities for remote connections to Windows 365, Chrome Remote Desktop, and Azure Virtual, making these monitors an attractive option for businesses looking to support remote work without the hefty price tag of a traditional PC.

LG To Launch New Smart Monitors with Document Editing Capability

LG To Launch New Smart Monitors Without PC

However, it’s worth noting that LG has opted for a Full HD resolution instead of 4K, with the current Ultra HD model priced at around $400. The new LG smart monitors could be a good fit for students, professionals, and casual users alike. They offer a variety of features that make them useful for a variety of tasks. However, it is important to keep in mind that they are not 4K resolution, so they may not be the best choice for users who need a high-resolution display for work or play.

LG Smart Monitor Features

One of the standout features of these monitors is their capacity to handle document editing tasks with ease. Users can seamlessly work on PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and other file types directly on the monitor itself, eliminating the need for a separate PC.

LG’s proprietary WebOS is at the heart of these smart monitors, providing a smooth and intuitive interface for accessing various applications and functions. This built-in OS enhances productivity and versatility.

While the availability of a height-adjustable Ergo Stand, which allows for edge-of-desk positioning (as seen in our LG DualUp monitor review), and features like Picture-in-Picture (PIP) or Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) support remains uncertain, there will also be a smaller 27 inch version. Both models feature a new stand design with improved cable management and come equipped with a USB hub boasting four ports. Additionally, promotional materials reveal a remote control, VESA mount compatibility, Bluetooth capabilities, IPS technology, and a pair of 5W speakers.

Previous iterations included HDMI inputs and outputs, along with a LAN port. However, one notable absence is a built-in webcam, which could have transformed these monitors into potent all-in-one (AIO) PCs. LG reports strong sales for their previous models, which may explain their decision to introduce these new models at a more affordable price point. For those seeking a larger display experience, albeit at a higher price, LG offers the 43SQ700S-W, a 43 inch 4K monitor with additional connections, 65W power delivery (ideal for charging laptops), superior sound quality, although it lacks VESA mounts.

LG Smart Monitor  Pros

Remote Work Convenience: These monitors are a game-changer for remote work scenarios. They enable users to connect remotely to Windows 365, Chrome Remote Desktop, and Azure Virtual, transforming any workspace into a powerful workstation.

Cost-Effective Solution: Businesses looking to support remote work without the hefty cost of traditional PCs will find these monitors to be an attractive and cost-effective alternative.

User-Friendly Interface: With WebOS, users can navigate through applications and features effortlessly, making the monitors accessible and enjoyable to use.

LG Smart Monitor  Cons

Resolution Limitation: While these monitors offer an array of impressive features, they fall short in terms of resolution, offering Full HD instead of 4K. This may disappoint those seeking the highest display quality for tasks such as video editing or high-resolution graphics work.

Lack of Built-In Webcam: The absence of a built-in webcam may be a drawback for users who rely on video conferencing or virtual meetings as a core part of their workflow.


In summary, LG’s upcoming smart monitors are poised to make a significant impact in the market with their document editing capabilities and integrated WebOS. While they offer numerous advantages, such as cost-effective remote work solutions and an intuitive interface, the limitation in resolution and the absence of a built-in webcam should be considered by potential buyers when assessing their suitability for specific use cases.

Overall, the new LG smart monitors seem like a solid offering for those who are looking for a versatile display that can do more than just display images and videos. However, the lack of 4K resolution is a bit of a bummer, especially for those who are looking for a monitor for both work and play.

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