Breaking Boundaries: LG Enhances OLED Monitor Ownership with Extended Burn-In Warranty Coverage

Exciting developments await LG OLED PC monitor owners and potential buyers of OLED monitors! LG has recently made a noteworthy announcement that brings added value to its standard two-year monitor warranty. This expanded coverage now includes protection against burn-in effects resulting from normal usage, bringing peace of mind to users.

LG’s To Incorporate Burn-In Protection Into Their Monitor

LG's To Incorporate Burn-In Protection Into Their Monitor

LG’s Definition of “Normal” Usage According to LG’s official statement, activities commonly associated with everyday use, such as engaging in desktop applications or gaming, are considered within the realm of “normal” usage. In the event that burn-in issues emerge – such as the persistence of elements like the Windows taskbar, program icons, or in-game HUD components – and traditional automatic cleaning or maintenance approaches fail to rectify the problem, LG’s warranty now encompasses the provision of repair or replacement services throughout the stipulated warranty period.

A Shift in Policy Previously, LG had adopted a stance of excluding burn-in from their OLED monitor warranty coverage. However, the company has made a significant policy reversal, currently extending coverage for OLED burn-in concerns in both the United States and select regions within the European Union. It’s important to note, however, that this policy amendment does not extend to LG’s range of OLED TVs.

Features of LG OLED PC Monitors

  • OLED Technology: LG OLED PC monitors utilize Organic Light Emitting Diode technology, offering individually lit pixels for exceptional contrast and color accuracy.
  • Perfect Blacks: OLED’s ability to turn off individual pixels leads to true black levels and an infinite contrast ratio, resulting in stunningly detailed images.
  • Vivid Colors: OLED displays deliver rich and vibrant colors, thanks to their wide color gamut and precise color reproduction.
  • Fast Response Time: OLED monitors typically have fast response times, reducing motion blur and ghosting, which is beneficial for gaming and fast-paced content.
  • Viewing Angles: OLED panels provide excellent viewing angles without color distortion, ensuring consistent picture quality from various perspectives.
  • Slim and Stylish Design: OLED monitors often feature slim profiles and modern designs that enhance the aesthetics of your workspace.
  • HDR Support: Many LG OLED monitors support High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, enhancing contrast and brightness for a more immersive viewing experience.
  • G-Sync and FreeSync Compatibility: Some models come with support for NVIDIA G-Sync or AMD FreeSync, reducing screen tearing and improving gaming performance.
  • High Resolution: LG offers OLED monitors with varying resolutions, including 4K Ultra HD and higher, for sharp and detailed visuals.
  • Energy Efficiency: OLED technology is energy-efficient because individual pixels emit light without the need for a backlight, resulting in potential energy savings.

Pros of LG OLED PC Monitors

  • Outstanding Visual Quality: OLED monitors excel in delivering exceptional image quality with deep blacks, vibrant colors, and high contrast.
  • Excellent for Gaming: Fast response times and smooth motion handling make OLED monitors well-suited for gaming, particularly in genres that require quick reactions.
  • Wide Viewing Angles: OLED’s inherent property of maintaining consistent colors and contrast from various angles makes it ideal for collaborative work or shared viewing.
  • HDR Performance: HDR support enhances the dynamic range of content, resulting in more lifelike and immersive visuals.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: The slim and modern design of OLED monitors adds a touch of elegance to your workspace.

Cons of LG OLED PC Monitors

  • Burn-In Risk: OLED monitors can be susceptible to burn-in, where static images or elements can cause permanent image retention over time. However, LG’s extended warranty coverage now addresses this concern.
  • Price: OLED monitors tend to be more expensive compared to traditional LCD monitors, making them a premium option.
  • Potential Color Shift: Some OLED displays might experience color shift when viewed at extreme angles, although this issue is generally less pronounced than with other panel technologies.
  • Limited Brightness in Some Models: While OLED displays offer excellent contrast, they may not achieve the same peak brightness levels as some high-end LCD monitors.
  • Availability: OLED monitors might not be as widely available as LCD monitors, limiting the options in terms of size and features.
  • Screen Size Constraints: OLED monitors, particularly larger sizes, may be limited in availability due to manufacturing constraints.

It’s important to note that LG has taken steps to mitigate burn-in concerns, and the pros of OLED technology often outweigh the cons for many users, particularly those who prioritize visual quality and gaming performance.

This policy alteration is poised to resonate positively with the gaming community, potentially influencing more gamers to opt for OLED gaming monitors over alternatives like IPS or VA panels. OLED displays offer distinctive advantages over their IPS and VA counterparts. One standout feature is OLED’s ability to achieve deep, true blacks and vibrant colors by individually turning off pixels. This results in a superior visual experience compared to IPS or VA screens that lack this capability. Moreover, OLED screens exhibit impressive viewing angles, ensuring excellent picture quality even when observed from the sides, making them ideal for shared viewing experiences with friends and family.

OLED screens are particularly well-suited for gaming and applications requiring seamless motion, owing to their swift response times. Additionally, OLED displays boast a wider color gamut compared to IPS or VA screens, enhancing the dynamism and realism of visual content.


In conclusion, LG’s forward-looking decision to incorporate burn-in protection into their monitor warranty heralds a new era of confidence and attraction for OLED monitor enthusiasts. As the benefits of OLED technology continue to garner attention, users are presented with a compelling reason to embrace the OLED experience, particularly in the realm of gaming and multimedia consumption.

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