Best Monitors In India – Recent Launched 2023 Available in 21, 24, 27 Inch

 Top 3 In Amazon Best Selling 

#1. Acer #2. Zebronics #3. BenQ
Acer EK220Q 21.5 Inch ZEBRONICS AC32FHD LED Curved Monitor BenQ GW2480 24-Inch 1080p IPS Monitor
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When opting for a brand-new PC or building one from scratch with specific components, people often focus on the processor, graphics card, ram, storage, etc. But the majority of people make mistakes when choosing a monitor, which is also one of the most important parts of your desktop setup. Of course, PC components like processor, ram, graphics card, storage, and PSU matter when building a PC, but your processing unit isn’t the thing that you’d be staring at while working, gaming, or just browsing through the internet. Correct? It would be the monitor/screen you’d be using all the time. Isn’t it? At this point, it should be clear to you that having a good monitor for your desktop setup can make all the difference when it comes to your experience with your PC.

Choose Monitors By Size Type Brand & Price

By Size By Type By Brand By Price
22 Inch   Gaming Monitor LG   Under 3000
 24 Inch Curved Monitor  Samsung   Under 5000
27 Inch   4k Monitor Dell    Under 10000
 32 Inch Height Adjustable Monitor Acer   Under 15000
38 Inch Inbuilt CPU In Monitor BenQ Under 30,000
49 Inch TV As Monitor    Zebronics  


Let’s say you agree to the fact that investing in a good monitor will be worth it for you. But when you head over to the market and explore the different monitor options, it is pretty certain that you’ll be feeling a little overwhelmed when you look at hundreds of options present in the market. And that could lead you to make a wrong purchase decision in the end unless you know what you are looking for. But fear not, here we are with a list of the latest monitors in India for 2023. That’s not it, going through today’s post, you’ll also be learning about what things to consider when buying a monitor for your desktop setup. This way, you will easily be able to narrow down the options and then make the right purchase decision. And we promise that after reading this post, you will not need to scroll through endless blog posts and lists to find out which monitor would be a perfect fit for you. Let’s get going now.

#1. Acer EK220Q 21.5 Inch  Monitor

Acer EK220Q 21.5 Inch (54.61 Cm) Full HD
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The Acer EK220Q 21.5 Inch Full HD Monitor is a perfect fit for those seeking a reliable HDMI-supported monitor without breaking the bank. With a VA panel, this monitor is ideal for everyday tasks such as internet browsing, video content viewing, and office work. However, if you’re a gamer or a professional in video and photo editing, this may not be the best option for you. The 1080p resolution and 21.5-inch screen size make this monitor a great choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option, but if you’re seeking a bigger display, you can opt for the 23.8-inch version with the same specs. In our opinion, the 250 Nits display panel brightness is more than enough for indoor usage. With over 2 thousand reviews, this monitor has received an impressive 4.2 rating out of 5 on Amazon and other online marketplaces, making it a highly sought-after choice among users.


  • HDMI support is under the budget range
  • Bright VA Panel
  • 1080p Display Resolution
  • Sleek And Modern Design


  • Viewing Angles Aren’t That Good
  • Build Quality Is Decent

#2. Samsung LF24T350 24 Inch Monitor


Samsung LF24T350FHWXXL 24-inch FHD IPS Monitor

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This monitor is one of the best-selling IPS monitors under Rs. 10,000 and offers a lot of features that are hard to find at this price point. With its IPS display panel, you can expect impressive color accuracy and a 75Hz refresh rate, making this monitor perfect for both gaming and professional tasks like photo and video editing. If you’re an AMD graphics card user, you’ll be happy to know that this monitor supports AMD FreeSync, which means you can enjoy a smooth and seamless gaming experience without any screen tearing or stuttering. And because of its bezel-less design, you’ll be in awe of its sleek and modern look. So, whether you’re looking to up your gaming experience or want a monitor for professional tasks, the Samsung LF24T350FHWXXL is a great option that won’t hurt your wallet.


  • Good Color Accurate IPS Display
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • 24-inch 1080p Resolution Panel
  • Bezel-Less Design
  • AMD FreeSync Availability


  • You May Face A Little Screen Bleeding Issue

#3. BenQ GW2480 24 Inch 1080p Monitor

BenQ GW2480 24-Inch 1080p IPS Monitor

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Are you in search of an affordable IPS monitor that delivers both quality and functionality? Well, the BenQ GW2480 might be the perfect fit for you. With its best-selling status under Rs. 10,000 and its impressive eye care technology, you can enjoy hours of screen time without putting a strain on your eyes. Not only does it boast a big screen size and excellent viewing angles, but it also offers impressive color accuracy. Whether you’re gaming, consuming content, or working, the 60Hz refresh rate ensures smooth and seamless performance. Not just that, its sturdy construction makes it one of the most reliable monitors under Rs. 10,000. To top it all off, this monitor is equipped with built-in speakers, a screen tilt mechanism, and an unbeatable manufacturing warranty, making it a smart and practical investment for your home or office.


  • Special EyeCare Technology
  • 24 Inch 1080p 60Hz IPS Panel
  • Good Color Accuracy And Viewing Angles
  • Modern 3 Side Bezel-Less Design
  • Built-In Speakers And 3.5mm Audio Jack


  • None

#4. Lenovo Q-Series 24 Inch Monitor


Lenovo Q-Series 24 Inch (60.5Cm) 1920x1080 Pixels FHD IPS Monitor

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If you are going with this minimalistic but modern-looking desktop setup theme, then this particular monitor would be the highlight for it. And that’s because Lenovo has really made this monitor stand out in terms of its design. It looks really stylish, sleek, and modern. Not just that, it is one of the few monitors that come under a 15k budget and offers height adjustability. And the 1080p 75Hz 24-Inch IPS Panel will leave you surprised by the fact that how good it is in terms of color reproduction, viewing angles, and brightness. The main frame of the monitor is built with high-quality plastic, but you do get the metallic stand. So overall, you won’t be having any issues in terms of build quality with this particular monitor. 


  • 24-Inch 1080p 75Hz IPS Panel
  • AMD FreeSync
  • 2X3W Built-In Speakers
  • Height Adjustable Design
  • 300 Nits Brightness
  • NearEdgeless Design


  • The Built-In Speakers Are Below Average

#5. Zebronics Zeb-V16HD LED Monitor


ZEBRONICS Zeb-V16HD LED Monitor with15.4 with Supporting HDMI

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If you are on a tight budget, and can’t spend more than just 5k rupees, then Zebronics Zeb-V16HD LED Monitor would be a perfect fit for you. Keep in mind that it is actually an HDMI-supporting monitor, which means the display output will be crisp and clear. Since it is an extremely budget-range monitor, you just get the HD resolution. And if you look at the screen size of 15.4 Inches, the display output will be good enough to read text easily, even the smaller fonts. The LED display panel isn’t the greatest in the market, but you can for sure use it for normal usage, office work, and content consumption. The screen actually has the Anti Glare coating, which means the visibility will be quite good. 


  • Extremely Budget Friendly
  • Compact And Lightweight
  • Comes With 1 HDMI and 1 VGA Port 
  • 1280×800 Pixel 60Hz Display


  • Build Quality Is Decent
  • HD Resolution Only
  • Small Screen Size

#6. Dell Professional 24 Inch Monitor

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There aren’t many monitor options in the market that are just perfect in every department, and of course, the Dell P2422H FHD Monitor is one of the rare ones. As you can already tell that it’s a 24-inch monitor with a 1080p resolution crisp and color-accurate display. The main highlight of this particular monitor from Dell is its minimalistic and appealing design. It just looks pleasant, pretty sleek, and modern sitting on a desk. And it does come with height-adjustable functionality, so yeah, it is pretty convenient to use. However, one thing to note here is that this monitor does not come with any built-in speakers, so you’d have to rely on your external speaker connected to the main processing unit. Talking about the build quality of this monitor, in our opinion, it is by far the best on the list. You get a high-quality plastic-built main body and a metallic base/stand with height-adjustable functionality. 


  • 1080p IPS Panel
  • Height Adjustable
  • Comes With 4 USB Ports
  • Anti-Glare Coating


  • A Little Expensive Than Other Monitors On The List

#7. ViewSonic 22 Inch Gaming Monitor


ViewSonic VA2215-H Full HD 1080p 22 Inch LED Backlit Display Gaming Monitor

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The prices for gaming monitors in India are through the roof right now. But what if we were to tell you that there is a special gaming monitor you could buy for just under 7k rupees, would you believe that? Well, such monitors actually exist, and we are talking about the ViewSonic VA2215-H Full HD 22 Inch Gaming Monitor. It is a 22 Inch VA panel monitor, specifically made for people who are looking for a decent gaming monitor under a budget. Despite being a budget range monitor, it still offers a 75Hz refresh rate and FreeSync compatibility. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have an incredible gaming experience, but it is better than nothing. Correct? And that’s not it, this monitor also has decent build quality with a modern bezel-less design. We are pretty sure that you won’t be able to find a monitor like this under the 7,000 rupees price range. 


  • Incredibly Budget Friendly
  • 1080p 75Hz VA Panel
  • FreeSync Compatible
  • HDMI, and VGA Output
  • Bezel-less Design


  • The viewing Angles Aren’t That Good 

#8. MSI PRO MP241X 24 Inch Monitor

MSI PRO MP241X - Professional Computer Monitor 24 inches - 16:9 Full HD

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MSI is another prominent brand in this specific niche, and of course, there are many worth considering monitor options by this brand. But the MSI PRO MP241X – 24 inches Full HD Monitor really caught our eye. And that is because it is a 24-inch full HD monitor with a VA panel. And all that for just 8,000 rupees. Isn’t it awesome? If we talk about the design of the monitor, it looks somewhat similar or identical to the BenQ GW2480. However, this particular monitor variant is not meant to be for gaming purposes, but because it offers a 75Hz refresh rate display, you can enjoy decent casual gaming sessions. But if you want to use it for day-to-day computing tasks, and office work, this monitor would work just fine for you. Also, the manufacturer claims that it is quite efficient in terms of filtering out blue light, but in our opinion, it isn’t that effective. 


  • 1080p 24 Inch Display
  • 75 Hz VA Panel
  • Minimalistic And Sleek Design
  • Budget Range Monitor


  • Because of VA Panels, You Won’t Get Good Color Accuracy And Viewing Angles. 

#9. HP M22f 21.5 Inch FHD IPS Monitor 

HP M22f 21.5-inches, 54.6 cm, FHD Monitor Eye Safe Certified Full HD

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Just a few years ago, there wasn’t too much competition in the budget segment for monitors, but now the case is completely different. And around that time, one specific monitor variant was one of the best-selling under 10k. We are talking about the HP M22f 21.5-inch FHD IPS Monitor. This was for sure one of the first few monitors to come with that modern 3 side bezel-less design, and that is what most buyers liked about this particular monitor from HP. There are 24 as well as 27-inch variants of this monitor also listed on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. You can buy those ones too if you want a bigger screen size because they aren’t that expensive either. It comes with a 1080p IPS panel that is an Eye Safe Certified display, and along with that, it has other impressive features like anti-glare coating, 75Hz refresh rate, and FreeSync compatibility. 


  • Budget Friendly Monitor
  • On Screen Controls
  • 1080p IPS Panel
  • Eye Safe Certified Display
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • FreeSync Compatible
  • 3 Side Bezel-Less Design
  • Top-Notch Build Quality


  • None

#10. Acer Nitro 23.8 Inch Gaming Monitor


Acer Nitro VG240YS 23.8 Inch (60.45 Cm) IPS Full HD 1920 X 1080 Pixels, Gaming LCD Monitor

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Lastly, we’d like to introduce Acer Nitro VG240YS 23.8 Inch Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor, which is another worth-considering option when you are buying a new monitor for your setup and you are under a budget. The price of this monitor has increased a little bit in the last few months, but around festive sales, you can buy this monitor for 10,000 rupees or even less than that. Around this price range, this would be the favorite gaming monitor that has everything you’d expect from a good-specs gaming monitor. The main highlight of this monitor is that despite having an IPS panel, it has a 0.5ms Response time, which is super helpful in gaming. Not just that, the impressive 165Hz refresh rate takes your gaming experience to another level with this monitor. Since it is a gaming monitor, that’s why it isn’t that accurate in terms of SRGB values. Therefore, if you were in need of a budget-friendly monitor for video and photo editing tasks, you should skip this one and look for a monitor that is color calibrated and has a better SRGB percentage.  


  • 0.5 MS Response time
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • 23.8 Inch 1080p IPS Display
  • 2 HDMI Ports
  • AMD Freesync Support


  • The color accuracy of this monitor isn’t that great. 
  • This monitor is priced a little higher as of now. 

Buying Guide To Choose The Perfect Monitor For Yourself

We know that it can be way too overwhelming for a regular computer user to buy a perfect monitor. But there are a few things you can consider before you head over to the market, and pretty much ensure that you’ll end up buying a perfect monitor for your desktop setup or whatever purpose you need it for. Let’s see which are the high-priority things that you should consider before buying a monitor from offline as well as online marketplaces. 

First Things First – Be Clear About What You Want

Before you start browsing for monitors, take a moment to think about what you actually need. Do you need a monitor for your home office, or are you a gaming pro in need of a high-performance, high refresh rate, and low latency gaming monitor? Having a clear understanding of your needs will make it much easier to choose the right monitor. Write down your requirements and prioritize them, so you have a good idea of what you’re looking for when you start shopping.

Choose The Right Screen Size

You want to choose a size that’s big enough to give you a comfortable viewing experience, but not so big that it becomes overwhelming. Consider the distance you’ll be sitting from the monitor and choose a size that’s appropriate for that distance. In our opinion, go for a 24 Inch monitor, and you’ll be good for the most part. 

1080p Is The Minimum

Of course, if you’re a gamer or a professional graphic designer, you may want to consider a higher-resolution monitor. But for general use, such as browsing the web or watching videos, 1080p is a great place to start. And if you are investing in an HD resolution monitor in 2023, you are making a mistake. And we are sure that you’ll come to the realization within just a few months of using the old, and blurry HD resolution monitor. 

Select The Right Display Panel Types

When you head over to the market, you may see many monitors have alphabets like VA, IPS, and TN in their names. Well, these are the display panel types, and if you don’t know the difference between these three, well, you are at the right place then.  First of all, TN panels are great for gaming, with fast refresh rates and response times, but they do have poor viewing angles and color accuracy. On the other hand, IPS panels are perfect for graphic designers or anyone who needs an accurate color reproductive screen. For sure such panels offer excellent color accuracy and viewing angles but can be more expensive and have decent refresh rates. Lastly, VA panels are the way to go if you love deep blacks and great contrast. They’re perfect for movies and other content where deep blacks are important. And since VA Panels have quite low latency, that’s why they are perfect for competitive gaming. 

Additional Features

There are a few extra features you may want to consider when buying a monitor. Height adjustability, for example, can make it easier to find the perfect viewing angle. A higher refresh rate is great for gamers, and eye care technology can help reduce eye strain. Multiple connectivity ports make it easier to connect your devices, and built-in speakers can save you the hassle of having to connect additional speakers. All in all, choosing the latest monitor is all about finding the perfect match for your needs, and you can do this by simply narrowing down the options based on your requirements.

FAQ on Monitors In India


Which Is The Best Overall Monitor In India?

If your budget isn’t stopping you, and you want the best of the best desktop monitor for your setup, then without a doubt, we’d consider BenQ EW2780Q 27 Inch 2K QHD Computer Monitor as the overall best monitor in India under 30k. It has got every feature that other BenQ monitors have, but it’s just bigger and better. 

Which Is The Best Value Monitor In India?

If you want to invest in the best value monitor, especially a gaming monitor, then SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series 32-Inch WQHD monitor is the one for you. This particular monitor offers the highest specs, unmatched performance, and immersive viewing experience under the 50k price point.  

Which Is The Best Monitor With Low Blue Light?

Many monitor manufacturers claim that their monitors come with eye care technology, but oftentimes, that’s just a hoax. However, that’s not the case with the ASUS VY279HE 27-Inch monitor. It really does come with a special eye care technology, which filters out the amount of blue light produced by the panel, and this results in less eye strain and no more headaches. 

Which Is The Best Ultrawide Monitor In India?

Ultrawide monitors are the best fit for productivity-oriented computer users and professional video or photo editors. And in our opinion, the best ultrawide monitor in India is for sure the LG 29WN600-W 29-Inch. It also comes with HDR10 support and it is also color calibrated, which means it is perfect for video as well as photo editing. 

Which Is The Best Gaming Monitor In India?

If you are looking for THE BEST gaming monitor in India, ASUS ROG Strix 27 Inch version is the one that beats every other gaming monitor in this race. This particular monitor has got every feature and highest specs that you’d expect from a higher-end gaming monitor. 

Which Is The Best Monitor For A Budget?

Oftentimes, budget monitors lack a few features, but what if we tell you that there is one such monitor that is pretty affordable, and has all the features like 1080p resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, faster response time, AMD FreeSync, built-in speakers, modern design, good build quality, etc. And all that within a strict budget. Yep, such a monitor exists in the market, and we are talking about the ViewSonic VX2257-MHD.

Which Brand Is Best For The Monitor In India?

There are dozens of brands that are competing with each other in this particular segment of the market, and popular brands like BenQ, Samsung, Dell, ViewSonic, Acer, Asus, LG, HP, etc. Are also in the game. But in our opinion, BenQ is the best monitor brand in India, as of now. That’s because BenQ is specifically known for making the best monitor, not just in India, but all around the globe. And they’ve pretty good monitor options that offer incredible specifications under a budget. 

Which Is The Best Size Monitor In India?

Well, popular monitor size options are 24, 27, and 32-Inch, and talking about the best size for a monitor, then that definitely depends upon your usage. However, in our opinion, the most ideal size for a monitor in India would be 24 inches. Just go with a 24-inch size monitor with good specifications, and you’ll be good for the most part. 

Which Monitor Is Best For Eyes In India?

If you have been searching for a good monitor to buy, for quite some time, then you may have come across many monitor options that have special Eye Care technology. Correct? Well, oftentimes, it’s just a marketing tactic, but in our opinion, BenQ, and Asus are the brands that make monitors that aren’t as harsh on your eyes as other monitors in the market. More specifically, the BenQ GW2480, BenQ GW2780, and ASUS VY279HE are some of the best monitors in India for less eye strain.