Monitor Light Bar – Top 5 Best Selling In India 2023

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#1. BenQ #2. MELIFO  #3. Techzere
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Welcome to the ultimate guide on the “Top 5 Best Monitor Light Bars in India 2023.” In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the world of monitor light bars, showcasing the finest options available in the Indian market for the year 2023. Whether you’re seeking to improve your productivity during work hours, enhance your gaming setup, or simply want to reduce eye fatigue during prolonged screen time, our carefully curated list will introduce you to the top-rated monitor light bars that are revolutionizing the way we illuminate our screens. From sleek and minimalist designs to advanced features like adjustable color temperatures and brightness settings, these monitor light bars are designed to cater to a diverse range of user preferences and requirements.

Top 5 Best Monitor Light Bar In India 2023

Join us on this illuminating journey as we unveil the top contenders that promise to light up your workspace and elevate your visual experience in 2023. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a professional seeking to optimize your productivity, this guide will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best monitor light bar for your needs.. However, it can be overwhelming to choose the right monitor light bar out of many options in the market. We have a detailed guide here on monitor screen lights to help you select the right light for your desktop area. So go through it and get the right product for your use.    

#1 BenQ Screen Bar with Auto-Dimming 

BenQ Screen Bar for Monitor with Auto-Dimming and Hue Adjustment

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The BenQ monitor light bar is a high-quality product that lets you play games on the monitor efficiently. This light creates a convenient gaming environment allowing you to enjoy gaming for long durations. The brightness of this light can be adjusted at your convenience. To keep your eyes healthy, it automatically adjusts the brightness. Also, you can adjust the brightness manually with the touch control. Another good thing about this monitor light bar is that its color temperature can be adjusted depending on your comfort and focus. It offers both warm and cool light for a better experience.

The warm light feels relaxing, and the cool light provides work efficiency. There is no risk of screen glare because it has an asymmetrical design that lightens only the desk and doesn’t reflect the glare off the screen. The space-saving design allows you to attach the light on the top of the monitor so that you will have more desk space. Moreover, the clip has a weighted design that suits any monitor with a thickness of 0.4 inches to 1.2 inches. 


  • This light has an illuminance of 500 lux for better visibility of the screen. 
  • It is powered by a USB cable from a phone charger, power bank, or computer. 
  • There is an ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness as per your requirements. 


  • It is a bit pricy.  

#2 Baseus Monitor Light Bar with Touch Sensor

Baseus Monitor Light Bar with Touch Sensor

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The Baseus monitor light bar comes with flicker-free and glare-free features that provide a convenient viewing experience. This monitor light bar has an asymmetrical and clamp design that illuminates only the keyboard and desktop. So, there is no chance of glare and screen flickers. This monitor light directly clamps onto the top of the monitor for a comfortable viewing experience. Also, you can adjust the color and brightness depending on your eye comfort. It provides warm light, white light, and a mix of light for better usability. The cool light lets you work efficiently, while the warm light is ideal for reading. 

It is suitable for monitors with a thickness of 0.3 inches to 0.8 inches. You can use this monitor light for flat monitors effectively. It takes power from a USB cable, so you can easily operate it with a wall charger, USB hub, computer, or power bank. You can simply clamp this monitor light bar on your monitor and perform your tasks efficiently. 


  • The adjustable brightness feature lets you control the brightness as per your needs. 
  • The simple clamp-on design is easier to clamp on the top of the monitor. 
  • Because of the asymmetrical design, it offers glare-free performance. 


  • It is suitable for flat monitors only. 

#3 Tukzer  Light Bar with Smart Touch Sensor

Tukzer Monitor Screen Light Bar with Smart Touch Sensor


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The Tukzer 19-inch monitor light bar has a simple and powerful design. It has an asymmetric light source design that provides proper illumination for the monitor and desktop area. The monitor light lamp comes with a specific light angle that eliminates screen reflection. It comes with a step-less dimming feature to adjust brightness from -5 to +45. This monitor light bar has three color temperature modes such as warm light, warm white light, and white light. It is glare-free and has an eye protection system that reduces eye fatigue and keeps your eyes safe from soft and average lights. 

The touch control system has smart features with power on/off memory. Also, there is a 60 minutes timer that turns off the light automatically. This light is USB powered, so you can simply use it with your monitor, phone charger, computer, etc. 


  • It is great for businessmen, students, work-from-home people, and other people. 
  • The screen bar is great for study and work purposes. 
  • This monitor light bar has three light modes for efficient performance. 


  • There is only one button for on/off and color change. 

#4 Tukzer Monitor Screen Light Bar 

Tukzer Monitor Screen Light Bar 13 Inch 


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This is another monitor light bar from the Tukzer brand. It is ideal for small monitors. This light comes with a smart touch sensor that lets you monitor the light with ease. With three color temperature modes, this light bar allows you to adjust the color as per your needs. It has no glare and flickers for a perfect viewing experience. 

It is great for studying, gaming, and doing office work. Since it will clamp on the top of the monitor, it saves a lot of desk space. You can keep other items on the desk. Just like the previous product, this monitor light lamp operates with USB. You can use it with a power bank, laptop, computer, or phone charger. It has a C clamp design so that you can mount it on the top of the screen with ease. 


  • The brightness adjustment feature lets you control the warm and cool light with no hassle. 
  • It comes with a smart touch sensor with power-off memory. 
  • It lets you adjust the color as per your requirements. 


  • The step-less brightness adjustment feature makes it a little harder to stop at the right brightness level. 

#5 Anpro Bar with Adjustable Brightness 

Anpro Screen Bar with Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature


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If you are looking for a good quality monitor light bar at an affordable rate, then the Anpro screen bar is an efficient option. It is powered by USB, so you can use it with a mobile charger, monitor, computer, etc. Because of the asymmetric design, it illuminates the desktop area. This way, it eliminates the screen reflection and keeps your eyes protected. This monitor light lamp has three color temperature modes such as warm, white, and cold light. You can adjust the light color depending on your requirements. It is very easy to install this screen bar because it can be clipped on the top of the screen with ease.  

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It has eye care features to protect your eyes. However, it doesn’t have a warranty period. The adjustable brightness feature is very convenient and lets you see the screen for long hours with ease. 


  • It protects the eyes because of the eye case features. 
  • This monitor light bar can be clipped to monitors from 1cm to 3cm. 
  • It has three color temperature modes to adjust the brightness levels. 


  • There is no warranty for this light bar.

Why You Should Buy Monitor Lamps?

Monitor Light Bar For Eyes 

Monitor light bars are popularly used by people with eye strain. Due to constant exposure to the monitor light, eyestrain has become a common issue for many individuals. If you spend hours in front of a computer for gaming or office work, you will need a monitor light bar. Monitor light bars reduce screen reflection and eliminate the risk of eye strain. 


Another common use of a screen bar is for reading. If you read on a laptop or computer for extended periods, a monitor light will be convenient for you. It will lighten your desktop area and allow you to read for long hours with the lights off.  

Working At Night 

Working on a computer or laptop for extended periods at night is common for working people. But it is not comfortable to use a desk lamp or room light for this purpose. So, monitor light lamps can be used for working at night. 

Long Hour Gaming 

Monitor light lamps create a comfortable atmosphere in your desk area. It illuminates in the right way and reduces the risk of screen reflection. Therefore, these lights are suitable for long hours of gaming.  

Zoom Call 

If you meet your colleagues or friends on a zoom call, a screen bar will be convenient for you. This light will provide proper illumination and show clear images to the other person on the call. Even if your room lights are off, you can easily attend a zoom call if you have a monitor light lamp.    

Video Conferencing

Monitor light bars also play an important role in video conferencing. They add proper lighting so that your face will be properly visible to the other person you are talking to. This light provides a better experience during video conferencing.

Desk Area Illumination 

Although desk lamps can be used for illuminating the desk area, a monitor light bar is a more convenient option. With this light, you can see your desk area clearly and do your work effectively. This light provides proper illumination for your keypad, writing pad, screen, and complete desk area.      

Features Of Monitor Light Bar 

In this exploration, we’ll delve into the captivating world of the features of monitor light bars, shedding light on how these compact devices are making a big impact on our visual experiences. One such ingenious addition to our monitors is the monitor light bar, a simple yet highly effective tool designed to revolutionize the way we illuminate our screens


Auto-dimming is a unique feature of monitor light bars that helps in efficient brightness adjustments. This feature adjusts the brightness level efficiently throughout the day so that the screen will be comfortable to see. 

Hue Adjustment 

Another feature of screen bar lights is hue adjustment. You can easily adjust the color temperature of the screen depending on your requirements. The cool light creates a suitable work environment, while the warm light lets you read conveniently.   

USB Powered 

You can power a monitor light bar using a USB cable from your computer, laptop, mobile charger, or power bank. This is an efficient feature and makes the light versatile enough. Since these lights are USB-powered, you can easily use them for gaming, reading, and other tasks.  

Smart Touch Sensor

The presence of the smart touch sensor in the best monitor light bar makes it easier to control. You can simply touch the sensor to adjust the brightness and color temperature according to your requirements. It is an intelligent system that enables you to monitor the light in an efficient way.  


Some monitor light lamps also come with a timer function that switches off the light automatically. Also, it illuminates with the same brightness and color temperature settings when it resumes. It is an outstanding feature in monitor light bars because it lets you control the light automatically.      

Color Temperature Setting 

Color temperature setting is an efficient feature in the best monitor light bar. It includes three color modes such as warm light, white light, and warm white light. You can change the color temperature depending on your use. By adjusting the color temperature settings, you can improve your work efficiency.  


Another useful feature of monitor lights is flexibility. They are suitable for use with different screen thicknesses with ease. You can easily clamp a monitor light bar using the adjustable clamp feature on the top of the monitor. 

Monitor Light Bar Works With 

Monitor light bars in India work with curved monitors, dual monitors, laptops, and thick/thin monitors. Since they are versatile, you can use them with different types of screens. Usually, these lights are suitable for screens with a thickness from 1 centimeter to 4 centimeters. So, you can use them efficiently with multiple types of screens.    

Monitor Light Bar Benefits 

Monitor light bars, the unsung heroes of our digital workstations and entertainment centers, have emerged as indispensable companions in our tech-savvy lives, and their benefits are nothing short of remarkable. In a world where we spend countless hours glued to screens, these unassuming devices offer a game-changing advantage by mitigating eye strain and enhancing visual clarity.  Here are the benefits of using a monitor light bar to illuminate your desktop area.

Effective For Eye Strain 

Eye strain is one of the most frequent problems that many people face because of long hours of exposure to the monitor screen. This is where monitor light bars come in handy. People who work on computers for long hours and gamers have a high chance of experiencing eye strain and headaches. To prevent this issue, you can use a monitor light bar. It has an asymmetrical design and focuses forward to avoid screen reflection and glare. This light also filters lights of different wavelengths to provide a convenient viewing experience to users. 

They Have a Space-Saving Design 

You will have more desk space when you use a monitor light bar instead of traditional desk lamps. They get fixed to the top of the monitor and increase your desk space to keep other items. Eventually, it increases your work efficiency. 

Improves Work Efficiency 

Monitor light lamps reduce eye strain and also provide greater lighting on your desk. Therefore, you will feel better working on the computer. This way, it increases your efficiency whether you work or play games. 

They Are Affordable

Compared to other lighting solutions for monitors, monitor light bars are affordable. The best monitor light bar in India is available within a price range of 2000 rupees to 10,000 rupees. So, you can choose a screen bar depending on your budget.  

Eliminates Neck Pain 

Sitting in front of a computer for long hours will lead to neck pain. But if you have a monitor light bar, you can look at the screen for long durations without experiencing neck pain. 

Illuminates The Desktop Area

Whether you are gaming or doing office work, having proper light will help you perform your task more efficiently. Since it gets attached to the top of the monitor, it becomes easier to see everything on the desk properly. This light illuminates the complete desk area and doesn’t leave any dark corners. 


Monitor light lamps don’t get fixed to the monitor screen permanently. They are simply attached to the screen and can be removed once the job is done. Therefore, you can easily carry a monitor light bar from one place to another. You can take a monitor light bar wherever you want. Some devices also come with built-in batteries, so you don’t have to plug in a USB cable every time you use a screen bar. 

It Keeps the Desk Neat and Clean 

When you have a monitor screen light, you can easily arrange all items on your desk in a proper way. The connections and cables can be arranged easily under the display without creating a mess on the desk. 

Monitor Light Bar Vs. Desk Lamp

Having the right light to illuminate your desk area is a crucial factor whether you are a gamer, a student, or do work from home. But it is really confusing to decide whether to use a monitor light bar or a desk lamp.  Monitor light bars are thin and get attached to the top of the monitor without taking a lot of space on your desk. It includes small LEDs that provide proper illumination to your desktop area. Also, they don’t have glare or screen reflection. The cost of a desk lamp and a monitor light lamp is similar.  On the other side, a desk lamp is a good option to have if you have a large desk. It is multipurpose and can lighten a large area. If you need more light to illuminate a wider area, you can choose a monitor light bar.   

Supported Screen Size 

Monitor light bars in India are versatile and support monitor screens of different sizes. Whether you have a flat monitor, gaming monitor, curved monitor, or laptop, you can use a monitor screen light. Monitors with a screen size of 24 inches, 27 inches, and 32 inches support monitor light bars. Also, these lights are available in different sizes to suit different screen sizes.    

Top 4 Best Brands Monitor Light Bar 

#1.Mi Monitor Light Bar 

Mi is one of the most trusted brands in the Indian market, and it has a wide range of products for office and home needs. Mi monitor light lamps are sturdier, more efficient, and provide proper illumination in the desk area.   

#2.BenQMonitor Light Bar 

BenQ monitor light lamps are adjustable and can be used with different sizes of screens. They have color adjustment, auto-dimming, and glare-free features for a better experience. Because of their compact design, they don’t take up much space. 

#3.Baseus Monitor Light Bar 

Baseus is another popular brand that offers the best quality monitor light bars. With adjustable brightness, color temperature control, and glare-free feature, these monitor light lamps are very easier to use.  

#4.Tukzer Monitor Light Bar 

Tukzer brand has monitor light bars in different sizes to meet the needs of different people. These lights come with smart touch sensors with a timer function for better usability. Also, there are multiple color temperature modes for high efficiency.  

 Monitor Light Bar FAQ

1. Can I control the monitor light bar settings using software or a remote control?

Some monitor light bars come with remote controls or can be controlled via software applications, allowing for convenient adjustments of brightness and color temperature without manually reaching for the light bar.

2. What is the ideal color temperature for a monitor light bar?

The ideal color temperature can vary depending on personal preference and the task at hand. Generally, a color temperature of around 5000K to 6500K (daylight to cool white) is recommended for tasks like reading and general computer use, while warmer temperatures (around 2700K to 4000K) are suitable for relaxation and evening use.

3. Are monitor light bars compatible with all monitors?

Most monitor light bars are designed to be compatible with a wide range of monitor sizes and styles. However, it’s essential to check the specifications of the light bar and your monitor to ensure compatibility.

4. Can I adjust the brightness and color temperature of a monitor light bar?

Yes, many monitor light bars come with adjustable brightness levels and color temperature settings. This allows you to customize the lighting to your preference and adapt it to different tasks or environments.

5. Do monitor light bars consume a lot of power?

Monitor light bars are typically energy-efficient, consuming minimal power. They are designed to provide ample lighting while remaining energy-conscious.

6. How do I install a monitor light bar?

Installation methods may vary depending on the specific light bar model, but most attach easily to the top or sides of the monitor using clips or adhesive strips. Some may also have USB connectors for power.

7. Are there monitor light bars suitable for gaming setups?

Yes, there are monitor light bars designed specifically for gaming setups. These often come with customizable RGB lighting and may sync with gaming peripherals or software for immersive lighting effects.

8. Can monitor light bars be used for video conferencing or streaming?

Absolutely! Monitor light bars can provide even and flattering lighting for video calls or streaming, improving the quality of your on-screen appearance.

9. Do monitor light bars emit blue light that can harm my eyes?

Many modern monitor light bars offer blue light filtering options, reducing the amount of blue light emitted. This can help reduce eye strain and protect your eyes during extended computer use.

10. Are there any health benefits to using a monitor light bar?

Yes, monitor light bars can contribute to reducing eye strain, headaches, and discomfort associated with prolonged screen time, ultimately promoting better eye health and overall well-being.


In conclusion, the world of monitor light bars offers a range of advantages that can greatly enhance your digital life. The decision to buy a monitor light bar ultimately depends on your specific circumstances and requirements. If you find yourself spending extended hours in front of a computer monitor, whether for work, gaming, or leisure, a monitor light bar can be a valuable investment in your well-being. It not only reduces eye fatigue but also adds an element of aesthetics and functionality to your setup. In the end, whether you choose to buy a monitor light bar or not, it’s clear that these devices have emerged as a valuable tool in the realm of modern technology, offering a brighter, more comfortable, and visually appealing computing experience.

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